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TikTok Sharing – Why TikTok content should be shared on other social networks.

The way TikTok integrated sharing into its app differs significantly from other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. When it comes to content distribution, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest rely on a different principle like YouTube and above all, TikTok.

What is the Tiktok platform?

Tiktok is a powerful growing platform. In 2018, the application was downloaded more times than Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram! The Tiktok community has more than 800 million users, for more than a billion downloads of the application. More and more people are joining this platform and establish themselves as influencers. Of course, they buy Tik Tok followers and other promotion tools to get noticed.

Tiktok is a very good platform for you to express yourself, offer different content to your followers, and even develop a growing community. We tell you more about it!

 TikTok vs. Facebook: Two different approaches to sharing

Sharing within, for example, Facebook and Instagram, strengthen your own platform. Content should spread on its own platform and remain there. TikTok Sharing is about distributing content on other platforms to increase the visibility of the channel.

Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages and also stand for two different philosophies. TikTok relies heavily on the distribution of content on other channels. It is not always about sharing a direct link to the TikTok video, but rather sharing the content itself. This way, content (if the option is enabled) can be downloaded, exported as a gif, or saved as a live photo.

 Sharing in messaging apps

Furthermore, many messaging apps are in the foreground with TikTok Sharing. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line, Viber, and SMS are directly integrated into the sharing dialog. Instagram’s focus on sharing content as a story or Instagram direct message is just one of many options at TikTok.

Especially the possibility to save TikTok videos ensures a wide distribution on other social channels, for example, on Instagram. Various accounts curate TikTok videos. It looks similar to YouTube. There are also many channels here, with Best of TikTok videos.

 Focus on Messenger on Facebook

Facebook focuses on the messenger and Instagram on stories and direct messages. TikTok offers as many options as possible. Of course, other apps can always be selected via the sharing dialogs of Android and iOS. However, if they are integrated directly and offered much more aggressively, user behavior has an effect.

In the long term, it will become clear which approach will prevail. Facebook certainly benefits significantly from its more closed system and strengthens the use of its messenger. The strategy also fits very well with the focus on more private communication, which TikTok does not pursue in this way.


TikTok relies heavily on growth and uses the content of its users for this. People in other social networks should see how the TikTok content differs from other content and thus encourage them to register. Facebook is committed to binding its users and increasing or relocating activities.



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