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Storytelling: A better way to engage your Instagram audience in 2019

Connecting with Instagram audience through storytelling

When we discuss marketing, storytelling has been an integral part. It is one of the primary elements that you find in the marketing industry. Even the digital marketing hasn’t brought any change to its value.

In this digital age, individuals have access to a lot of information. But reading it all and digesting it is a time taking process. People trust the data they obtain over the internet and brands nowadays strive to make their presence known. Even today, storytelling can assist you in making your business stand out. In fact, it is a way to convey the idea of your company to individuals and decrease its complexity, making it easy for people to grab and digest.

Why focus on storytelling? Well, it works and people are likely to convert into useful sales when your product pages are coming up with appropriate stories, grabbing attention of individuals and making them wonder about your items.

But for that, you need to be careful about the storytelling strategy that you have and here are three vital elements that will help you.

What are your values?

Values are essential and you should be aware of your brand’s history and values as you proceed with the job of storytelling. Development of a company can be referenced and communicated among individuals only if the person telling the story has command over the values.

As for Instagram storytelling, it is important for you to not overload the posts with it. Playing with a contrast of few words and letting the images you post do the rest can be an interesting take.

For instance, the Fenty Beauty, singer Rihanna’s beauty brand, came into the market with the idea of increasing the diversity of beauty shades. So, they worked on it, marketed themselves according to the values, and their product, a foundation in 40 different shades, showed exactly what they were talking about, generating a lot of hype and certainly a lot of sales.

Uniformity in your images and copy

It is essential to maintain harmony between the images and what you are writing. A uniform look of your profile makes it more interesting and allows you to convey an idea with more power.

Start by editing your photos in a way that they reflect your brand. It does not mean that you must always incorporate your logos and stick to your brand colors for each picture. All you need is to assure that there is no disconnection between the pictures and their elements. For example, if you are addressing youth and children, you don’t want your colors to be dark and brooding. There are numerous filters on Instagram that can assist you with your image editing and colors.

Moving a step ahead, you have the captions. And don’t just overthrow the writing because your Instagram followers still read captions. Therefore, you must not overlook the importance of it. You may not be a fan of long captions but assure that they are comprehensive enough to be understood appropriately. Instagram-friendly format, appropriate tags, location inclusion, and giving the credits with an open heart are some essentials for your captions.

Don’t forget to get details about colors. Just to give you an overview, light and bright colors refer to cheery mood where as low saturation is great for depicting low-key and relaxing options.

Using data

Individuals tend to just keep on communicating the idea and don’t pay attention to its working part. Most of the time, you will find that the way you are posting is not working or is not creating the impact. In other instances, you can increase its power and make it stronger and more useful. For that, you need to consider the data and analytics. Gladly, there are several tools to assist you in this aspect.

Do your research and don’t forget to analyze the Instagram on regular basis to see how your account and posts are performing. Get insights to which posts are working better and creating more engagement and evaluate them in concern with the ones that are not generating the desired results. This will help you in figuring out where things are going wrong.

Connection is key


Lastly, do note that people want to feel connection. If you are able to create one between your audience and your brand, you will see a lot more engagement and sales. And the primary idea behind your storytelling has to be making your product standout and creating a meaningful bond with your audience to maintain a loyal and supportive customer base.


Ian Bailey