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National Chocolate Pudding Day

Chocolate is loved by almost everyone because it is so addictive that one can easily crave it on the daily basis. The chocolates have marked their presence in the world for over three decades now and are continuously getting more famous over the period of time. Previously, the chocolate was available only in the form of either liquid or just a handful variety of bars and flavours, but it continued evolving and today we consume chocolates in the hundreds of forms and thousands of flavours.

One of the very famous chocolate desserts includes the chocolate pudding. Its importance can be judged from the fact that it has a whole day dedicated to celebrate the national chocolate pudding day every year, which is on 26th of June. In most of the countries, the national chocolate pudding day is considered as a holiday. It is believed that the chocolate pudding was invented accidently back in the 18th century, when the famous chef named Alfred Bird experimented with the ingredients and developed a custard powder, which eliminated the use of eggs from it, hence, leading to the discovery of the chocolate pudding. Not only children love the chocolate pudding, but adults and older generation also swear by this mouth watering dessert.

Chocolate pudding is really easy to make and some of its main ingredients include chocolate, milk, sugar and some specific sorts of thickening ingredients, such as the starch or corn flour to give it a heavy and thick consistency. The final product of the chocolate pudding is really creamy and has a velvety texture to it, testing everyone’s patience. The chocolate pudding is also used in the form of a chocolate crème pie’s filling, which is considered as one of the traditional recipes.

On the national chocolate pudding day, people love to make their own puddings, either with the traditional recipe or by simply adding a twist of their own to it. Some people also like to order from the outside, such as the bakeries or the homemade food services, if they want to have a variety of chocolate puddings on the table or simply do not want to make their own because they are just must indulged in the spirit of celebrating the day. Moreover, people do not confine themselves to the chocolate puddings only, but they also like to make several other chocolate desserts, bars, popsicles, tarts, beverages and what not. In the countries, which have colder climate, the hot cocoa chocolate is also very popular on the national chocolate pudding day. Some people like to dip strawberries in their chocolate puddings to add a different taste to their day, similarly, everyone has their own ways and traditions to celebrate the day and consume the chocolate.

For some people, chocolate happens to be a staple food, therefore, a whole day dedicated to celebrate their love for a sugary item is nothing less than a heaven for them, hence, they end up celebrating it with the full potential.


Ian Bailey