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Why did McKayla Maroney Instagram deleted the profile and why was it famous?

Mckayla Rose Maroney is an American artistic gymnast. She was born on December 9,1995 in Aliso Viejo, California, United States. She was a member of American women’s gymnastics team. Mckayla Maroney once said that when she was younger, she would be like watching Tarzan and running around on all fours.

She said that she was technically involved in gymnastics at the age of 2 and was also comfortable in the gym. At the age of 9, she started training in the gym. Maroney participated in her first competition in 2009. Her medal record is worth mentioning, she won 10 medals out of which nine were gold and one was a silver medal, and she won them in participating in Olympic Games, World Championship, City of Jesolo Trophy.

When she won silver in 2012 at the Olympic Games London, she posted a picture with an expression of “not impressed “and after that it became an Internet meme allover.

After that when she meet United States President Barak Obama in the same year both of them Mckayla Maroney and President posed for a photo in which their lips were pursed to one side exactly like the one made by Mckayla earlier in her post,  and this meme was added to 2012’s most viral photos too.

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She got several injuries in her gymnastic career too, once in 2012 she had fractured the tibia in her left leg. In this year she also contributed towards acting and made the CW television series Hart of Dixie.

The year 2012, we can say was an active one for her. In 2013, she appeared in an episode of Fox TV show Bones with the name “The spark in the park”. In 2016, she was also seen in a show Superstore and the episode named “Olympics”. In 2016 she announced about her singing debut with a name “Ghost”. She also attended many special events. She retired in 2016 from gymnastics.

Instagram: McKayla Maroney has an Instagram account where she shared her daily routine and fun times with her fans. But she became more popular figure amongst people after her viral meme of 2012.

As far as her followers are concerned, the number of her followers at the time when she retired from gymnastics was also rising to over 1 million followers on Instagram account.

That means people not only loved her as a gymnast but because of her other qualities too.  In 2017 she suddenly deleted her Instagram account. There can be other reasons too but most probably her social media career came to an end after she alleged that USA Gymnastics Doctor, LARRY NASSAR had molested her repeatedly started from the age of 13.

She also filed a lawsuit against USA Gymnastics and United States Olympic committee accusing them of covering up the sexual abuse. The back step from the allegations, as well as the mental stress of court against the doctor made her to step away from social media and delete her Instagram account.

Moreover, her twitter account was not deleted but after that her interaction with twitter was considerably decreased. After that she gave a comeback in 2019. Larry Nassar was thankfully sentenced to more than 100 years of prison after the investigation in which they came to know that he had 37,000 images of child pornography.

According to sources her comeback was because of her friends, they forced her to join social media again and this comeback was a good one because Mckayla posted multiple posts and it seemed like this is a good one. Her every post got thousands of likes. From her posts we got a flavor that as far as gymnastics is concerned, we are not sure about that, but it confirms that Mckayla is going to be actively involved in acting in the coming future.

Her deleted posts from Instagram were favorite of her fans but we managed to snag some of the pics:

The mirror selfie: Although this gymnast girl has made a successful career and won gold medals as well. Her this selfie is no doubt an evidence that she is still a youngster by heart.

Being natural: This one is absolutely a best one. Her getup is a purely natural one which shows that she prefers to stay easy at home.


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