How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist_

How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

Spotify has a great feature that allows you to make customized playlists. You can add all your favorite songs or podcasts to this playlist and play them whenever you want. Also in addition to make these playlists, Spotify even allows you to make these playlists public so that even other people may enjoy them. People can follow your playlists and listen to what you listen to and add your songs to be shared with people. This is a great feature that allows people to have a community and share their music choice with other people as well.

Many people tend to create Spotify plays or playlists for others to enjoy their music choices. They want to see how many people are following or liking their playlist so that they realize if people have the same song choices or not. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t let you do that. The algorithm of Spotify does not let you see who follows or likes your playlist.

There is a way you can guess or have an idea of who might be liking your playlists but certainly not precise about who exactly likes your playlists.

But if you want to have the idea of who follows you on Spotify to predict the people that might be liking your playlists, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

People that Follow Your Playlist on Spotify

How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist Easily

  1. This can be done on both your phone or your computer. On your device open the Spotify application.
  2. If you have different playlists created, go to one of them and open it.
  3. Underneath the album icon, you will be notified of the number of people that are following you on this playlist
  4. Similarly, if you have different playlists you can go to each one of them and get to know about the number of followers that you have.

Through the number of followers and the people who are following you on your Spotify playlist, you can predict who liked your playlist. A fortunate thing is that you can exactly see the names and the people who are following your account. You can do that by following steps:

  1. Go to your Spotify application either on your phone or any other device
  2. You need to go to the page where you can see your profile
  3. Click on your profile to open it
  4. You will see an option that says, followers
  5. Click on it and Spotify will present you with the list of the people that follow you

By following all these things you can have a rough guess of the people that might like your playlists. Many people ask the question that how can you see who liked your playlist on Spotify? So for the simple answer no, you cannot see who exactly likes your playlist. The closest thing we can do is to follow the above-mentioned things and predict our Spotify followers and people who like our playlists.