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How TikTok’s algorithm works

The social network relies on a system of video evaluation by members of its community, whose profile it analyzes, to offer them content with a high engagement rate.

TikTok analyzes all the elements of a video to understand its meaning and context better.  TikTok is sweeping the internet due to its video format and it is driven by a constantly evolving algorithm and effective recommendations. The strength of TikTok lies in its ability to suggest new videos to members of its community. In this article, you will learn how to Tik Tok’s algorithm works.

A point system to determine the virality of a video

Once TikTok has analyzed the content of the video, it will then boost it within its application, but with a sample of users at first. This step will help the platform to assess the virality of video content, by measuring the reaction of users with the video, according to a system of metrics linked to a point scale:

  • Revisiting rate: 10 points
  • Completion rate: 8 points
  • Shares: 6 points
  • Comments: 4 points
  • Likes: 2 points

TikTok relies on user engagement rates, which correspond to the highest-rated interactions, compared to comments and likes.

Each video is associated with a score: if the latter exceeds a certain threshold calculated by the social network, the video will be pushed to a larger number of users.

Until it goes viral on TikTok

If you are a video content creator, keep in mind that not all videos published on TikTok are destined to become popular. Better to reach your target audience than millions of users who would not be interested in your video content. That’s why most people prefer to get and buy Tik Tok views to get the most visibility.

Analysis of TikTok user profiles

The other strength of the platform is that it will get to know you to offer you content that will best meet your expectations. Thus, when opening the application for the first time, a new user will be offered a video stream directly without having to register on the platform.

It is not only good practice in terms of UX. By doing so, TikTok fulfills a double objective:

  1. Keep you as long as possible in its application by showing you videos with high engagement rates to see how you react,
  2. Learn the most information about you and your video consumption habits to establish your profile as a new user of the platform.

In the same way, as TikTok uses a point scale to evaluate the virality of a video, as we have just seen, this system is also used for the analysis of your profile. Each time you watch video content in its entirety or repeat it, your score will evolve to adapt your video recommendations according to your interactions within the application.

The more videos you view, the more your profile will be refined within the TikTok algorithm, and the more its content suggestions will be adapted to your use of the platform.


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