How TikTok’s algorithm works

The social network relies on a system of video evaluation by members of its community, whose profile it analyzes, to offer them content with a high engagement rate. TikTok analyzes all the elements of a video to understand its meaning and context better.  TikTok is sweeping the internet due to its video format and it […]

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In order to view your Facebook profile as it appears to others, Facebook has introduced the View As option. This feature was previously disabled in September 2018 due to some security concerns. Facebook disabled it temporarily as it had harmed around 50 million accounts. NEW CHANGES MADE TO THE VIEW AS FEATURE After Facebook revived […]

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TikTok Sharing – Why TikTok content should be shared on other social networks.

The way TikTok integrated sharing into its app differs significantly from other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. When it comes to content distribution, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest rely on a different principle like YouTube and above all, TikTok. What is the Tiktok platform? Tiktok is a powerful growing platform. In 2018, the application was downloaded […]

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Why you need more TikTok Followers and how to increase them?

TikTok is one of the most influential social media platforms today. Millions of TikTok users are sharing their stunning videos every day, and both the number of users and videos are increasing daily. Even though you can make your profile open to the public and you can’t expect to get much social engagement on your […]

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5 Things About Instagram We Don’t Know

Instagram is an amazing picture and other visual media sharing app. It falls in the category of social media applications. This mobile app is one of the most famous one. Currently it has billions of followers and every day new users are adding. People love to share their photos and receive comments/likes from there friends. […]

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What Plus Points should a Social Media Agency Acquire to promote your business on Instagram?

Every business has a vast ratio of competitors associated with it and this race can only be won when a business actually implements and chooses reliable strategies within its performance and organizational operations. It is highly significant for the businesses to choose and implement the business structures that promote their reputation, enhance their operational structures, […]

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Storytelling: A better way to engage your Instagram audience in 2019

Connecting with Instagram audience through storytelling When we discuss marketing, storytelling has been an integral part. It is one of the primary elements that you find in the marketing industry. Even the digital marketing hasn’t brought any change to its value. In this digital age, individuals have access to a lot of information. But reading […]

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