Amazing Facts about Meteor Day

The Mother Nature is so mesmerizing that one cannot simply get over its beauty and miracles. People love to read and know about the universe and the never ending yet interesting functions, which are performed on the daily basis. The universe and the surrounding planets hold so many stories within them, that there is a whole brand of study dedicated to them.

The Meteor day is one of the most memorable days, which is celebrated annually on the 30th of every June, worldwide. The Meteor Watch Day is basically an evening dedicated to see the shooting stars from the sky, which as per the scientific research happens annually on a particular date. The Meteor is also known as the shooting star, as mentioned earlier and everyone must have heard the famous shooting star stories that who so ever sees a shooting star and wish upon it, his or her every wish is granted for sure. One cannot comprehend that whether it is just a myth or a reality but for some people, it is truly a religious belief, therefore, they wait whole year to live the Meteor day and wish for whatever they want to. Some of the amazing facts about the Meteor day are discussed below.

Whether you believe it or not, but a Meteor or a shooting star is so small in size that it can be resembled to a pebble, as it is basically a ray of light striking from the sky, making it visible to the human eye. It is believed that almost 16,000 tons of the meteoroids are released within a day but only a rare amount of them reach the earth, hence, marking it as a Meteor day. The meteors can only be seen in the less light; therefore, people look for them once the night befalls. Sometimes, a lot of the meteors collide in the sky and they travel to the earth together, to form a Meteors Light Shower. This deliberately means that the sky is bombarded with the meteors and that is one of the most flawless experiences, seeing the Mother Nature coming together so beautifully to showcase a magical live event for the humans.

Moreover, the meteors are so fast in nature that the fastest one of them reaches the sky with the speed of 42 kilometers as per second, which is really amazing. A small chunk of meteors, which travel to the earth and then go back are known as the Earth grazing fireballs or simply the fireballs. People from all around the world gather under the sky to experience this breathtaking and scenic view, either to bless their eyes or to get their heartfelt wishes granted by the Mother Nature. There are proper and professional telescopes arranged at some places to have a better look overall, enabling them to experience the whole scenario more closely.

These are some of the interesting facts and general knowledge about the Meteor day, which one should have to enjoy the day with full excitement and energy.


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