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5 Things About Instagram We Don’t Know

Instagram is an amazing picture and other visual media sharing app. It falls in the category of social media applications. This mobile app is one of the most famous one. Currently it has billions of followers and every day new users are adding. People love to share their photos and receive comments/likes from there friends. There are options to keep your friends and photos private from followers who don’t know you on Instagram. Users can also view other people photos through instaviewy no survey just to increase their interaction.

Keeping in mind Instagram’s ever-increasing popularity, below are the 5 most interesting and important facts about the largest social network that we don’t know.

  1. The numbers

With so much happening over the internet, numbers can never stay constant on social media. The same holds for Instagram. Instagram has turned out to be a highly engaged social media network. 32% of all internet users have accounts on Instagram. The young generation is the most engaged one. It is recorded that 59% of the users are between the ages of 18 and 29.

Every day, about 95 to 100 million photos and videos are uploaded on Instagram by its users. The average number of likes that Instagram gets daily is 4.2 billion. This means that users are scrolling through their feeds and hitting the like button more than once daily.

  1. Female Users

It is at all surprising that about 68% of Instagram users are female. Males, on the other hand, account for only 32%. These numbers a clear indication that Instagram is acting as a platform that is empowering women all around the world. They get exposure as well as are able to interact with people and income-generating activities.

  1. The best times to post

There are certain times when Instagram users can get the highest feedback and engagement from their followers. This is the best time to post your content. Some of the best times to post on Instagram are Sunday at 5 pm, Wednesday at 5 pm, and Friday at 1 am.

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags may seem very common but they are a very powerful tool when it comes to Instagram. The more interesting and diverse hashtags are used the more your posts will be liked and followed. The best way to make the most out of hashtags is by using trending, unique, and aspiring ones.

  1. High mobile ad revenue

In 2017, Instagram brought about $4 billion in mobile and ad revenue. The amount is increasing at a very steep rate and is expected to reach a magnificent $10 billion by the end of 2019.




Ian Bailey